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High Country Mennonite Church was established in March of 2011, as a sister church to the Skyline Mennonite Church in Canon City, Colorado.  A group from Westcliffe had been attending the Skyline Church for a number of years, and were interested in establishing a church in our own community.  We are a small group of believers with an attendance of around 75 people on a Sunday morning.  Our prayer is that God would be glorified as we worship and live life in our small town.  

We are Conservative Mennonite by denomination, and we belong to the Biblical Mennonite Alliance.  For more information about the BMA, visit: 

For more about what we believe, Visit our "What We Believe" page:

Our Leadership Team consists of:

 Lead Pastor:  Ervin Miller

Associate Pastor: Davie Stoltzfus

Deacon:  Vernon Yoder

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